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Where is Justice? | Fayetteville, AR | Spring 2022 - Present

  • Protest Performance Art; Phase II - March 17, 2023 | Fayetteville Public Library

Perejil | Jonathan Gonzalez | the Momentary | Jan - Feb 2023

  • Movement Performer

នៅពេលដែលកញ្ចក់ខូចអណ្តែត / When Broken Glass Floats | the Momentary | Nov 2022

  • Inverse Performance Art Festival

Poetry + Visual Art + Storytelling | Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art | Fall 2022

  • Creating Connections for regional senior activity centers

Theatre of the Oppressed | Fayetteville, AR | June 2022

  • Free public workshops

An Incomplete Thought | City of Rogers, AR | Summer 2022

  • Painting response to "What is White?"

Lukyay | Fayetteville, AR | Spring 2022

  • Outdoor Art Installation




In 1937, Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo ordered the deaths of Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent along the two nations’ borders. Over the course of five to eight days, 12,000 to 35,000 were killed based on how they pronounced the word “perejil,” or “parsley” in Spanish, and how their pronunciation of the “r” gave away their Haitian Kreyol mother tongue. González’s durational duet for two—one performer and a body of parsley-mycelial bricks—reflect on this massacre as performers construct and dismantle a brick wall into a river formation almost endlessly, coupled by speech acts that reflect on this historical wound which continues to impact the physical and psychological borders between Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Euro-American acts of intervention. Composing an immersive environment that weaves sound, projection, sculpture, and performance, Perejil seeks to provide a space for visitors to contemplate these independent and geographically interconnected Latin American nations with bonded Afro-Latin diasporic heritages and diasporic futures in a globalized present.

Photo | Jared Sorrells | Nova Studios

នៅពេលដែលកញ្ចក់ខូចអណ្តែត /

When Broken Glass Floats

Inverse Performance Art Festival

Bentonville, AR | Nov 2022


meditation & performance installation

on koan "Where is Justice?"

Silence is just as subjective as sound.

Influenced by:

Khmer Folklore & proverb

street protests

individuals who dared to tell the Truth

personal and social injustices while living in Northwest Arkansas

Theatre of the Oppressed


Fayetteville Public Library

June 2022

Four 90-min sessions

Entry level exercises


Youth & Their Caregivers

US State Department - Fulbright Program

Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

Secretariat of Public Education Program (Mexico)

Khmer Folktales & Myths

The Banana Tree Lady

Painting 2/9

Fayetteville, AR | 2022

9 Artworks

9 Khmer Folk Tales or Myths that occur on the full moon

Used as starting conversations to record stories of Mak's childhood and memories

Personal project


Blog & Podcast

Sim1 Says...

The things they won't.

coming 2023 (Allegedly)

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disrupt your pattern

an anti-oppressive approach in arts & culture

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Perejil | Jonathan González

Photo | Jared Sorrells | Nova Studios