Simone Cottrell (she/her/គាត់)

Owner & Founder of Rachhana Creative Consulting

Social Practice Multidisciplinary Theatre-Maker

Performance Artist

Arkansas Folk & Traditional Arts Community Scholar

Artist INC Arkansas Facilitator

NWA Girl Gang Board Member

Her Set Her Sound Advisor

Squire Jehegan Outreach Center Volunteer



The Concept of Power | Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art | Dec 2022

  • Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitation + Live Painting

នៅពេលដែលកញ្ចក់ខូចអណ្តែត / When Broken Glass Floats | the Momentary | Nov 2022

  • Inverse Performance Art Festival

Poetry + Visual Art + Storytelling | Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art | Fall 2022

  • Creating Connections for regional senior activity centers

Theatre of the Oppressed | Fayetteville, AR | June 2022

  • Free public workshops

An Incomplete Thought | City of Rogers, AR | Summer 2022

  • Painting response to "What is White?"

Where is Justice? | Fayetteville, AR | Spring - Summer 2022

  • Protest Performance Art

Lukyay | Fayetteville, AR | Spring 2022

  • Outdoor Art Installation



នៅពេលដែលកញ្ចក់ខូចអណ្តែត /

When Broken Glass Floats

Inverse Performance Art Festival

Bentonville, AR | Nov 2022


meditation & performance installation

on koan "Where is Justice?"

Silence is just as subjective as sound.

Influenced by:

Khmer Folklore & proverb

street protests

individuals who dared to tell the Truth

personal and social injustices while living in Northwest Arkansas

Theatre of the Oppressed


Fayetteville Public Library

Nov 2022

Four 90-min sessions

Entry level exercises


Youth & Their Caregivers

US State Department - Fulbright Program

Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program

Secretariat of Public Education Program (Mexico)

Khmer Folktales & Myths

The Banana Tree Lady

Painting 2/9

Fayetteville, AR | 2022

9 Artworks

9 Khmer Folk Tales or Myths that occur on the full moon

Used as starting conversations to record stories of Mak's childhood and memories

Personal project


Blog & Podcast

Sim1 Says...

The things they won't.

coming 2023 (Allegedly)


Rachhana Creative Consulting

disrupt your pattern.

an anti-oppressive approach in arts & culture

Grants Development

writing, Editing & Review

6 years - Mississippi State University

3 years - Regional & National Panelist

Creative toolkit

bio, statements, work samples

3 years - Private Consulting

1 year - Artist INC

Program & project development

Generative guidance

10 years - Arts & Culture Nonprofit Experience

20 years - Theatre (Youth; Social Practice)

3 years - Private Consulting

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